Anglican Bible Reading Plan (BCP 1962)

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Follow the historic Church lectionary contained in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer 1962 as your daily Bible reading plan.

Connect with historic Anglican Prayer Book spirituality by following a structured Bible reading plan aligned to the Church year. Now offering a wide selection of English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese Bible translations.

The app automatically links to the combined Daily Lessons set for the day for Morning and Evening Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer Canada 1962. Those looking for Daily Lessons for their Daily Offices including Psalms are able to select individual Morning & Evening Prayer readings.

Key features:
• New! Choice of multiple Bible translations and languages: English (ESV, KJV, NKJV, MEV, RSV, NRSV, KJ21, EHV and CEB), French (Segond 21 and Nouvelle Edition de Genève), German (Lutherbibel 1912 & Hoffnung für Alle), Dutch (Het Boek), Spanish (Dios Habla Hoy & Reina Valera Revisada 1977), Portuguese (O Livro) and Chinese.
• New! Find the appointed Psalms, Old and New Testament Lessons, in addition to liturgical information through new calendar function.
• New! Updated design provides for better a user experience.

How was this daily schedule of readings developed?
At the Reformation, the Book of Common Prayer in the Church of England incorporated the same Sunday Epistle and Gospel reading for Holy Communion from the medieval Sarum missal which in turn contained the Sunday readings dating back to the 5th or 6th century from the Sunday lectionary in the Comes of St Jerome. Those readings offered key passages each Sunday to complement the Church year and that would cover the full doctrine of who God is (in the first half of the year) and the length and breadth of our sanctification in Christ (in the second half of the year).
At the Reformation, the Church of England also established a pattern of daily readings so that its followers could read through most of the Old Testament every year and the New Testament twice. The original one year pattern started on January 1, following through the Bible books sequentially, and was independent of the Church year. In 1922 a revision was made so that the same amount of Scripture is covered, but the readings match better with the seasons of the Church year (as is expressed in the Sunday Holy Communion readings). For example, following patterns in the early Church: Isaiah was now to be read during Advent; Genesis and Exodus were to be read starting in Pre-Lent and going through the season of Lent (to enrich the parallel with our wilderness wandering in Lent and Christ's passion); and Deuteronomy and Acts were read in the Easter season.
In 1955, there was a further refinement of the 1922 Daily Office Lectionary, and it was incorporated in the 1962 Canadian Book of Common Prayer. Again, the same amount of Scripture is read, most of the OT once a year and the NT twice each year, but it corresponds better, especially during Trinity season, with the themes in the Sunday readings and the Church year. This is the daily reading schedule used in this app.
The readings are longer than you might be used to, but just let them wash over you and shape your soul like a rock in a river that is gradually shaped by the current. If you miss a bit, just pick up on the present day's readings when you return. Or if it is too much, choose just the Old Testament or Gospel or Epistle readings. In this daily reading pattern, we hear complete stories, not just short selections, we get the full panorama of God's Word to man. Could there be any more important way to spend 10 minutes in the morning and evening each day?

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